Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Looks

My absolute favourite time of the year is christmas. I love having a reason to spend time with family friends, buy gifts and most of all get dressed up. I find that a lot of people find it hard to find effortless, affordable, stylish looks for many holiday occasions.
Below are a few looks that I think would make a great Holiday ensemble.

Teal Top $245.00; Sequin Pants $300.00; Sequin Top $76.00; Black Trousers $85.00; White Blouse $115.00; Teal Shorts $60.00; Skull Bracelet $357.00; Black Shoes $170.00

First of all, I think you can never go wrong with adding a little sparkle, such as a sequin shirt, top or sweater. I love sequins and the Holidays are the one time of year that you can get away with wearing them head to toe!

Red Dress $95.00; Nude pumps $130.00; Grey & black dress $99.99; Black pumps $110.00; Camel Dress $95.00; Black studded pumps $995.00

I also love the idea of a classic, conservative dress in rich jewel tones. It is sophisticated and polished yet stylish.


Sarah said...

I just kinda want... everything in these photos. When can you have it shipped to my house? Hehe.

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