Sunday, July 31, 2011

Kempenfest Shopping

Every year my mom and I go to the local art/craft show in a town called Barrie just North of my cottage. When I was young I used to dread going but the past few years I have actually been excited to go. Each year there are booths set up where people sell antiques, hand made clothing, crafts and hand made jewelry. I love it because you are guaranteed to find unique handmade items. This year I went with my mom and dragged my boyfriend along - which I'm sure he was less than thrilled about! 
Below are pictures of what I bought this year:
 I bought this buffalo hide black leather fringe purse. I bought this from a local leather wear maker called "Hides in hand". They sold hand made moccasins, purses, gloves etc all made from hide leathers. It is soft like butter and well worth the $150 price tag. 

 I bought this suede leather wrapped bracelet adorned with a silver peace sign. I purchased this one from a handmade jewelry maker that sold hippy inspired jewelry made with ropes, suede, peace signs etc.
 I also bought this strawberry daiquiri candle. I thought it was really cool how they used gel to make candles look like foods, drinks, pastries etc. Not only do they look real but they also double as a candle! They had pies, cupcakes, cakes, creme brulee and even a banana split which my mom bought!
Since I dragged my boyfriend along I thought I should get something that he would appreciate, so in addition to the Daiquiri I also got this Beer candle. I plan on putting these on our shelving unit by our kitchen table or the shelf in our kitchen.


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