Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Design Inspiration

I have recently decided that I am going to purchase my own place this winter. This has lead me to contemplate how I will tackle the task of choosing decor colours and decorating it. Although it won't be built for atleast another year I have already been inspired and am starting to decide which direction I will go. I find my taste in interior design is in direct correlation with my sense of style.
 I love the idea of dark walls with bright accents in pillows/ accessories. I also love the industrial look of this room.
I love using a bold colour or print on the walls to make a statement -especially in the powder room which is usually very dull and boring.
I love the idea of my kitchen cabinets being a colour that is not a exactly neutral, such as seafoam green.
I tend to go towards vintage looking pieces because I think it makes the space look interesting and unique. I also love the idea of pairing bold industrial looking pieces with delicate victorian inspired pieces or tribal/ethnic pieces.


Isabella Kiss said...

that wall paper is absolutely stunning. my walls are too angled (live in an attic) but in a room with high ceilings that would be beautiful!

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